The E.F.S.C. was founded in 1979 and was actually the first registered squash club in Frankfurt am Main at the time. For the first few years we were based in the Squash Insel and from 1997 we moved to the Tennis & Squash Park Europa, now the Maccabi Tennis & Squash Park. There we can play and train on a total of 8 courts and then relax in the in-house sauna.

You will find training partners from beginners to competitive athletes. We are a very international club with around 40 members currently. Club training takes place twice a week (Monday and Wednesday evenings). We have also reserved courts exclusively for our club members on these days, where they can play at low cost. The league matches take place on Friday evenings during the league season. During the non-league period, we organize our European Cup matches. Everyone is welcome and can take part. A good opportunity to get to know all levels of play and to compete with others on the court.